Our Approach

MWSE is working to demystify and simplify the technology related to drinking water. We are working with a different partner to ensure that it reaches the end users with quality and at an affordable cost. Innovation is key to each of our models and we are working on the following models: 

For all the models we have partnered with different likeminded agency including Government research labs, individual innovators, private entity to ensure the reach of safe drinking water at an affordable cost to end users. Most of the technology that we are working on is patented and some of it would be first time used at the mass level.

It has been observed that at timeslot of good research has been done but as the technology is complex or financially less lucrative so it is not taken by manufacturer /producers. We work with research lab to simply the production process so that mass production can be initiated at factories level and the final product could be delivered at mass level to the end users. One such example is using nanotechnology for an affordable water filter to treat arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals microorganism and etc for rural areas. We have developed a filter for treating arsenic, fluoride, heavy metals, microorganism and etc with the support of a research institute and the filter could be provided to mass at the affordable cost.

There are different technologies which were adopted/ transferred from the research centre to the factory/ production centre. It was observed that due to different reasons (e.g. lack of awareness, marketing and etc.) some of the affordable technology is not reaching to the end users. If the factory/production centre is not able to find a customer, the production stops and this result in the early death of any promising technology. There may be a different reason for the failure and we are committed to addressing these challenges and support in ensuring that such promising technology reaches to end users. One such example is using Ultrafiltration / Nanotechnology for filtration of drinking water. If such technology is properly promoted than most of the urban people can get safe drinking water at affordable cost.

All our work is supported by state of art technology, which includes mobile testing of selected parameters of drinking water as well as MIS to give quality service to our customers.